environmental policy document:

Environmental Statement: Outlining the principles involved in making paper at Creative Paper Wales.

The principles of Creative Paper Wales (and Sheep Poo Paper™) and environmental activities include:

  • To develop technology and provide products that will be sensitive to the earth’s finite resources and environment through the use of recycled and sustainable materials.
  • To promote energy-saving activities considering all aspects of the product's life cycle in order to minimize the environmental impact of raw materials and components whilst conserving natural resources through waste reduction and the use of recycled and sustainable materials and components.
  • To endeavour to meet or exceed all applicable environmental and safety regulatory requirements.
  • To promote waste minimization activities, giving preference to recycled or renewable sources wherever practicable.
  • To promote continuous improvement and methods for improving manufacturing processes that minimize environmental impacts.
  • To encourage environmental awareness to all employees so that environmental factors are considered in all decision-making processes.
  • To encourage fair trade.