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Competition - What to Do with Poo Paper

We've got a thousand ideas for this page, but our internet/web people have told us to keep it to only two at a time so do please keep checking in from time to time for the latest in papertainment . . .

We are running a competition with a first prize of £100 for the most imaginative use found for Sheep Poo Paper™ (5 runners up of £10). Yes! We're calling it, What to Do with Poo Paper?. We have already been warned that someone is planning to build a traditional Welsh coracle so this is going to be quite a challenge for those of you with super-duper creative imaginations. The rules are simple:

  1. You must demonstrate your idea in practice, i.e. you must make it out of Sheep Poo Paper™.
  2. There are no boundaries to what is permissible, simply that it is. Most Imaginative! (but since the judges are the mill staff and knowing them, the insider tip is to ensure there's a nice element of humour in your entry.)
  3. Judges decisions are final. No appeals will be heard. We mean that!
  4. No entries which place the entrant or the public in danger will be considered ( . . . so, no parachutes . . .or poo-rachutes as we call them!)
  5. Only entries received by post on or before midnight 1st April 2007 will be eligible for consideration.
  6. You may make as many entries as you wish, but each must be supported by a complete and tangible example to illustrate the use you have devised.
  7. All entries are free of charge.
  8. Creative Paper Wales reserves the right to publish details and photographs of any and all entries, as it sees fit, as part of our promotional activities especially the funny ones!
  9. An entry is considered complete when images of the entry are received with any accompanying explanations(!). Winning entries will be asked to supply the original Sheep Poo Paper™ artifact/model, before being eligible for the prize, for use in promotional activities (we will return the winning work afterwards).
  10. The Judges will announce the winners (and the runners up) on 1st May 2007.
  11. Entries from minors will only be accepted in conjunction with a letter from a parent/guardian.
  12. Please post all entries to: What To Do With Poo Paper Competition, Creative Paper Wales, Twll Golau Paper Mill, Aberllefenni, Gwynedd, SY20 9RU, Wales, U.K. No receipt of entry will be provided unless a pre-paid, self-addressed envelope is provided by the entrant.

Sheep Poo Paper™ flower bouquetThese beautiful flowers are one example of what can be done with Sheep Poo Paper™.

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