make paper yourself:

Making simple and attractive paper is enormous fun and remarkably easily learned. You can do it yourself with improvised home made equipment (this is exactly how we started out) or you can buy one of our great papermaking kits which contains all you need to start making your own paper at home using a kitchen blender.

You can get a good idea about how the craft paper industry works by downloading a very useful article at the website of the Intermediate Technology Development Group.

If you're still hungry for more information you will find literally hundreds of online articles on papermaking which can be found using any standard search engine so have a good look around & see what you can find.

There are lots of great books on papermaking available on, and we particularly recommend The Papermaker's Companion: The Ultimate Guide to Making And Using Handmade Paper by Helen Hiebert which tells you all the essential information and then some.

For more papermaking books at Amazon UK click here.