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If you have a retail partner account with us you can CLICK HERE to go to the log in page.

If you can't remember your username or password just drop us an email and we'll reset it for you and send you back your log in details.

Once you've logged in to your account you can place orders online in minutes, check your past orders and payments and alter your password to something more memorable.

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Wholesale Discounts Wholesale Discounts


We currently supply a number of retail outlets with products at wholesale prices. Not only do our products sell well at attractive margins but many of our stockists report an increase in footfall as the word spreads - some have even achieved local press coverage of their new stock!

Please contact us to receive a full price list and testimonials from our existing (very happy!) retail partners.

Please tell us something about your retail operation when contacting us so that we can make stocking recommendations based on our retail testing.

We look forwards to welcoming you to our growing band of successful retail partners!

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Sheep Poo Paper™ Christmas Sheepy Cards Sheep Poo Paper™ Christmas Sheepy Cards

Its that time of year again, er, even if its January!

Our retail partners sell these cards throughout the year to visitors who like what they see - and if you click on the small image to the left you'll see there's a lot to like!

Each display stand carries 20 packs of 5 cards which retail at £6.99 per pack.

In the high season for this product line (August/September to December) these cards take over the best-seller slot for us and our retail partners.

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Sheep Poo Paper™ Greetings Cards Sheep Poo Paper™ Greetings Cards

Supplied with a sturdy and eye catching display these cards are the mainstay of any retail operation selling Sheep Poo Paper™ products.

Birthday Bleatings is a year round best seller, while the I Love Ewe range gives your customers the chance to send a cheeky note of affection whenever the mood takes them.

Just ask us for a wholesale catalogue and we'll share the joy of our award winning poo-ey greetings cards - we'll supply a tailor made display for every set of two cards you sell - and we won't even ask for a thank you!

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Sheep Poo Paper™ Air Fresheners Sheep Poo Paper™ Air Fresheners

 An air freshener made from poo - guaranteed to get people talking about your shop/store!

Frangranced with two iconically Welsh perfumes, daffodil (Springtime) and fresh cut grass (Summer) these hanging air fresheners will sweeten the air wherever they are hung.

Delivered with free Point Of Sale display carton (pictured)

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Sheep Poo Paper™ Bookmarks ('Story' & 'Poo Facts') Sheep Poo Paper™ Bookmarks ('Story' & 'Poo Facts')

One of our very best selling lines through our retail partners - this very neat 2 pocket display shows the 'story' bookmark which tells the story of how Sheep Poo Paper™ is made, while the 'poo facts' bookmark explores the poo-ey maths of bookmark production, ending up explaining how many bookmarks per hour a sheep can manage, or b.p.h. as we like to phrase it!

We worked out that if every Harry Potter book ever sold had a 'poo facts' bookmark in it we'd have made enough money to buy Swansea . . . and our retail parters would be bobbing up and down on their luxury yachts in the marina.

And we'd have to be squeezing the sheep . . .

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Sheep Poo Paper™  Postcards Sheep Poo Paper™ Postcards

Judging from the sales of these postcards it is quite obviously irresistible to send someone a little piece of poo through the post!

Carrying simply the story of how Sheep Poo Paper™ is made on the front along with Sheepy being his eco-cutesy self this is a winning product for all retail partners that service the tourist trade.

Supplied with a simple and neat display stand that carries up to 50 postcards.

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Listing products 1 - 10 of 7 products