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Black Sheep card Black Sheep card


Please STOP emailing us -

We are nothing to do with Black Sheep The Movie!

That is a 2006 film by Jonathan King where an experiment in genetic engineering turns harmless sheep into blood-thirsty killers that terrorise a New Zealand farm.

We make Sheep Poo Paper™ cards and this one is our Black Sheep variant - anyway, in Black Sheep the movie the sheep aren't black, see? And as you can see, Sheepy isn't scary when he's black, he's even cuter!

now Global Warming . . . THAT'S SCARY.

Each card comes with a recycled envelope made with terrorised Sheep Poo Paper™.

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Black Sheep cards - five pack Black Sheep cards - five pack

If you had a whole flock of Black Sheep would the one that bunked off school and had more fun be referred to as the "white sheep of the family"?

What never made sense to us was why sheep never developed that zebra striping effect - Its always Black Sheep or White Sheep, never Schroedinger's Stripey Sheep.

Don't be scared, get your own flock of not scary Black Sheep cards today!

Each card comes with its own horrific recycled envelope made with Sheep Poo Paper™. Well, not really horrific, we're quite nice really and so are our envelopes.

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Listing products 1 - 10 of 2 products